“We’re two perfectly matching pieces, just different puzzles.”

They all get hate. But why? You can’t hate korean music because you didn’t understand the lyrics. There are a lot of people that love korean music and didn’t even understand what they are saying. So, please try not to hate them on youtube or other sites, because they are humans too - just like you and they have feelings, even they can’t read all bad comments on the internet. 

If you don’t like the song? Don’t listen to it.

If you think that they are not sexy? Don’t leave bad comments, because no one wants to read your hate.

And no - SM are not running out of ideas. They are just trying to make something different - just like every label is doing nowadays, because the usual is boring. 

Recently girl groups are getting a lot of hate just because they are trying the sexy concept. Do you think this is right? After all the effort they have done? No.

To sum up - Try not to hate them even if you don’t like them, because they are trying to do their best for their fans to like them.

(I’m sorry if there are any typos, English is not my native language. ^^)